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Yaca Coffee Discovering an exceptional coffee

Discover our coffee
À la découverte d’un café d’exception
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At the foot of Mount Elgon, at an altitude of over 1500 meters, arabica coffee beans grow in a warm and temperate environment. Welcome in Uganda, near waterfalls, in the middle of the hills and the lush vegetation with volcanic soils rich in mineral salts.

The Yaca project
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A unique coffee due to the variety and its terroir

Our coffees are carefully selected and roasted. Each harvest is unique.
Get ready to enjoy a powerful, round-bodied and voluptuous coffee.
Discover our coffee beans and ground coffee with delicate aromas. We won’t tell you more… taste it!


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A journey of taste and flavour

We are often searching for something: an idea, a new project, or our next holiday destination,... when most of the time, we would just like to be surprised.

Today, Yaca surprises you and takes you to East Africa, in the heart of the Ugandan nature... and as the "cherry on the coffee", as nature does things well, we let it express itself by finding for you the exceptional arabica.

Our mission is to select naturally flavorful coffee.

More than a coffee, a means to collaborate and improve the incomes of small-scale coffee farmers across Uganda.

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We know the source of our coffee beans and we focus on its origin. We select for unique flavor and terroir.

Sipi Hill, where our beans are grown is located at an altitude of over 1500 meters. Nothing happens by chance; the location was chosen for its ideal growing environment of high quality and unique coffee trees.

There are different methods of harvesting . Yaca has chosen the most noble method, which consists in picking only fully ripe coffee cherries.

Practically, we give time to nature and to the coffee trees to give its best.
The disadvantage of this method is that the coffee farmer must concentrate on picking only the ripe coffee cherries and has to repeat the process several times on the same plant.

On the other hand, no doubt that the quality is superior, easily justifying the extra work.

We value the work of our coffee farmers working on the ground. The farmers of Mount Elgon are our heroes who plant and harvest coffee using sustainable farming practices, handpicked and without middlemen.

During workshops and seminars organized on site, we encourage and coach young innovative entrepreneurs and emerging leaders in agri-business with the aim to help them create new businesses.

We love to be in the field, in the middle of the coffee plantations meeting the producers personally. We are very interested to learn about their farming practices and expertise.

Our partners automatically feel valued and appreciative. During the days spent with them, we exchange new ideas, improvements and techniques we observed on other farms. These are precious moments when we build real trust with the same common goal of ‘making the impossible possible’.

Wild landscapes and a unique cultural heritage remain strong in this under-explored region of Uganda.

Known for the views of the waterfalls, the excellent coffee, grown and roasted on site. Visitors can explore the breathtaking natural
environment by taking walks and coffee tours.

La Planche à Papa – Barvaux

Spar – Barvaux

Spar – Comblain-Au-Pont

Spar – Anthisnes

Boucherie Chez Marguerite – Xhignesse/Hamoir

Du Champ à l’Assiette – Jalhay

Proxy Delhaize – Ferrières

Proxy Delhaize – Hotton

Proxy Delhaize St-Séverin – Nandrin

Ferme Halleux – Neupré

Proxy Delhaize – Tiège/Jalhay

Proxy Delhaize – Trois-Ponts

Proxy Delhaize – Lierneux

Proxy Delhaize – Houffalize

Proxy Delhaize – Louveigné

Proxy Delhaize – Strée

Proxy Delhaize – Braives

Le Cornuchamp – Braives

L’atelier du Théâtre Du Pain – Sprimont

L’atelier du Théâtre Du Pain – Werbomont/Ferrières

La nature a ses délices – Sprimont

Boulangerie Du Vieux Marché – Vielsalm

Léonidas – Vielsalm

Abbaye de Val-Dieu (at the shop)

Intermarché – Hamoir

Carrefour market – Remouchamps/Aywaille

Carrefour market – Ciney

Le Cabanon du Pêcheur – Sombreffe

La Ferme D’Upignac – Upignac

Le Blé en Herbe – Esneux

Fromagerie Le Valèt – Schoppen

Le Comptoir Ô Délices – Waterloo

Demain L’épicerie – Spa

Originell – Ouffet

Les Co’Pains – Ocquier

Chez Dan & Co – Jemeppe-sur-Sambre

Le Comptoir de Sophie – Manhay

Ferme de Harzé – Aywaille

Le Pré Vert – Bastogne

La Souris Gourmande – Libramont

Tipi – Theux

Boulangerie & Pâtisserie Liemans – Amay

L’Epicerie de la Halle – Huy

Bio-Zen – Stavelot

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Mount Elgon
100% arabica - MEDIUM ROAST

Discover our coffee beans and ground coffee with delicate aromas.

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Grains de café arabica Yaca

Yaca and its producers

Close to nature, in search of local flavors and encounters, we searched remote parts of the world, with landscapes that have remained wild and unspoilt. This is why we have chosen the Mont Elgron region of Uganda.

Through visits to the plantations, sharing and discussing, Yaca has developed its coffee knowledge through the transmission of expertise from our local producers, and privileged contacts.

Grown and harvested entirely by hand each coffee cherry is carefully selected and dried in the sun, before embarking us on a unique and rich full-flavoured journey.

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At Yaca, we rely on partnership!

Are you a producer, an artisan, an association or a service provider and you are aligned  with one or more of our values? We are remain at your disposal.

Become partner Phone: +32 472 81 29 05
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